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ShopKahn's Tactical Ghillie Suit

ShopKahn's Tactical Ghillie Suit

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Give Yourself The Tactical Advantage

Wearing a ghillie suit will always give you an advantage; no matter what activity you are planning whether that's hunting, surveillance or paintball. The ShopKahn ghillie suit will always give you the tactical advantage. 

Remain Undetectable:

The ghillie suit will give you the ability to camouflage with your environment and to remain hidden from your target. 

Shield Yourself From The Elements:

Protection from the elements is essential for safety and efficiency when out in the wilderness or engaging in tactical activities. With the tactical ghillie suit, you'll stay concealed and shielded from harsh weather conditions, allowing you to focus on your mission without needing to worrying about external factors. 

Lightweight And Durable:

Made from tough and durable polyester, the ghillie suit is the designed using the optimal blend of lightweight and durable materials. The tactical ghillie suit is specifically designed so that the wearer does not have to worry about heavy or flimsy material impacting their experience. 

Easy To Transport:

This ghillie suit is lightweight and is easily folded into a carry bag (see images) with shoulder strap so that carrying is practical and uncomplicated. The suit is designed to be easily transportable, including to remote locations. 





Colour: woodland camo
Material: Polyester
Set Includes: 1 x trousers, 1 x jacket, 1 x separate hood, 1 x rifle wrap, 1 x storage bag

110-140cm height
140-160cm height
160-165cm height
165-185cm height
185-200cm height

-Brand new and high quality
-Made from tough and durable polyester
-Carry bag has shoulder strap for easy carrying
-Drawstring waist on trousers for easy size adjustment
-Poppers on jacket make it very easy to get on and off

Uses: Use for Hunting, Shooting, Wildfowling, Stalking, Paintball, Airsoft, Surveillance, Wildlife Photography, Birdwatching, etc. 

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